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Located in Coral Springs, Florida, Aircraft Technical Support Sales, Inc., has been serving the commercial aviation industry since 1999. ATS is recognized around the world for its first-class service and support of many of the worlds Air Carriers.

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What We Do...

Aircraft Technical Support Sales was developed from the idea of specializing a niche in the industry.  Very few facilities are capable of major flight control components.  The focus of our business has been the support of heavy hydraulics and actuation systems.  While we support all major Aircraft Manufacturers, ATS has invested heavily in the Airbus product line and boasts one of the largest Airbus capabilities in the U.S..

Technical Expertise

Though our very experienced technical staff have logged decades of experience, continual technical training is a high priority at ATS.  With the evolution of components, technical training is vital to having the "edge", and our staff is dedicated to maintaining their edge in the industry.  Doing a proper and professional job is an accomplishment and our technicians take a lot of pride in their accomplishments.

Tooling and Data

ATS has put together a combination of the best of the OEM tooling and numerous upgrades to add to the flexibility and efficiency of our test stands and tooling.  Our Technical Data  Library is also one of the largest in the U.S., enabling us to support a very large variety of components. 

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